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High Performance Coastal and Inshore Fishing Machine

A Release is both an inshore boat and a light offshore boat that cuts through waves like a knife! Big rollers, 3 ft chop, high winds and rain - Release eats it up. You will stay dry and comfortable while the other boats turn and go back home. Inshore/offshore – Release Boats are indestructible, unsinkable fuel efficient machines!

Flats Boat

Type of small, inshore saltwater fishing boat with moderate deadrise and draft, usually equipped with a raised platform aft used by a guide pushing a long pole to silently maneuver the boat through shallow tidal water.

Bay Boat

Low-profile, inshore fishing boat intended for use in protected coastal waters, and frequently made with rolled-edge construction.

Outboard Boat Motor. What size?

There is an extensive variety of outboard motors available today.

How much power you'll want depends on how you plan to use the boat and, while of course it is up to you, we will gladly provide you information from our tests with a variety of motors and setups.

Our fuel efficient hull design will allow you to travel faster and further on the same amount of fuel than many boats smaller than ours.

Boat Handling Characteristics

It's like a sports car! Seriously, Release Boats track straight and true, yet turn on a dime. Well maybe that's a small exaggeration, however these boats have a surprisingly tight turning radius combined with plenty of "get up and go" that makes for a very smooth, exciting and safe ride.

Before buying a new boat you owe it to yourself to test ride a Release Boat.


Just One Ride and You'll Be Hooked!

High Performance Coastal & Inshore
Fishing Machine

High Quality Design and Workmanship

Smooth and Stable

Dry Ride even at High Speeds

Luxury Features are Standard

Customize to fit your desires

















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