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2013 Classic 15 - Side Console Model


The Classic 15 is a Technical Poling Skiff that has been designed for The Shallow Water Angler.  It has the most unique hull design & look in the Technical Poling Skiff market today.  We utilized the old fashion lap strake hull design on the hull sides using small 3 inch lap strake panels for superior strength.  Our design is not only high strength & light weight it is also esthetically appealing and built to last, especially when we incorporate this technology with 100% composite construction throughout the entire boat.


The lap strakes on the hull of the Classic 15 are rounded to ensure 0-hull slap.  The sleekly designed beam of the Classic 15 transmits substantially fewer displacement waves that pass through the water as the hull is poled through skinny water.  These displacement waves will alert & usually spook skittish species of fish.  The super stealth design gives the Classic 15 an incredible ability to stalk these fish virtually undetected.


When it comes to tracking & turning ability, again the Classic 15 has a tremendous advantage over other technical poling skiffs because of its superior hull bottom design.  Whether on plane turning through twisted creeks or poling shallow water flats in windy conditions, the Classic 15 is second to none in its ability to track & hold course.


The ride of the Classic 15 just can't be out classed. With the combination of a very pronounced, sharp hull entry and sleek beam, the Classic 15 slices through rough water comfortably, responds quickly to turns and makes you think you are in a bigger boat.

Before buying a new boat you owe it to yourself to test ride a Release Boat.

Just One Ride and You'll Be Hooked!

Classic 15 - Side Console Model

Classic 15 - Side Console Model

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Side Console Model Specs:

Standard Feartures:

Premium White High Gloss, High Flex Gelcoat

100% Composite Construction

Built-in Insulated Cooler

Heavy Duty Rub Rail with Vinyl Insert

ABYC Approved Tinned Copper Wire

Nylon Heat Shrunk Connectors

500 GPH Automatic Bildge Pump

S/S Hand Rails inside Cockpit

S/S Heavy Duty Bow Eye

(2) S/S Heavy Duty Stern Lifting Rings

Side Mount Console:

Non-Feedback Steering System

S/S Steering Wheel

(4) Position Switch Panel

Length: 14'8"

Beam: 5'6"

Draft: 5"

Weight: 455 lbs.

Dead Rise: 0"

Max HP: 40 HP

Transom Height: 20"

3 Person of 575 lbs.

850 lbs. Person, Motor, Gear

Hull and Deck Material: Fiberglass/Composite