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Our Satisfied Customers


We like to say that our customers are our best sales people. Ask any of our customers and they will tell you that Release Boats produces, without a doubt, the smoothest, driest riding and best built back country/flats boat on the market today. With a ride and dry storage capacity that puts any typical bay boat to shame.

For over 2 decades Release Boats continue to be the top choice of many Law Enforcement Agencies, even The United States Military's Security Forces use Release Boats. Most departments are running our boats almost daily. They all know that when the weather gets rough and duty calls, they want to rely on the best equipment available. They know our boats cut through rough water like no others while keeping their officers safe, dry, and comfortable. There are some Release Boats that have been in service for over 18 years. This is the kind of advertising that can't be bought; it has to be earned one day at a time.

Before buying a new boat you owe it to yourself to test ride a Release Boat.


Just One Ride and You'll Be Hooked!


High Performance Coastal & Inshore
Fishing Machine

High Quality Design and Workmanship

Smooth and Stable

Dry Ride even at High Speeds

Luxury Features are Standard

Customize to fit your desires